Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Tulum

It’s finally here!!!!!! My Tulum travel guide, below I am sharing the need to know information so you can live your best life in Mexico! As always leave any questions below and I will be sure to answer them.


where i stayed

16 Tulum is the magical place that I stayed during my 5 day 4 night trip to Tulum, Mexico. This minimalist villa only has 16 rooms and they are all perfection, equipped with a modern aesthetic and enough greenery to make you feel like you’re in a luxurious jungle. This place is everything you would hope to experience for a relaxing vacation, plenty of privacy and gracious hosts that ensure your every need is taken care of. For under $200 per night it is the perfect location to host a girls trip, romantic couples trip, or you have the option of renting the entire villa ( perfect for a wedding party). The villa has a tropical, aesthetically pleasing pool to lounge around in as well as a cook that prepares breakfast daily, and if you’re anything like me there are photo ops at every turn inside the villa ( yes to getting all the Instagram content, lol). Check out their Instagram page linked here, and their website for more details.

what to expect

Language: The native tongue is Spanish and unlike most places I’ve been in Mexico I would recommend learning a few key phrases to get you by or traveling with someone who is fluent in Spanish. Between waiters, cabbies, and shopping my group relied heavily on the one person who spoke Spanish.

Currency: Pesos are used in Tulum and I would recommend downloading the My Currency app to help you with the exchange rate during your trip. I would also suggest using the ATM at the airport when you land or exchanging money at the airport, my group had a few issues finding working ATM machines and when we did the fees were outrageous.

Climate: HELLO HUMIDITY!!! It is not only hot in Tulum but it is humid and you will feel moist for the majority of the day so be prepared. I had so many plans for different hairstyles while I was there but reality kicked in real fast and I rocked a high ponytail the entire time. For packing purposes, prepare yourself for the tropics; you won’t need a jacket, sleeves, or pants!

Peak Season: January -March is peak season for Tulum and the perfect time to visit is October-December for ideal weather and less tourist. The summer months are busy but bare-able but the weather can be harsh during the day, most days we experienced 85-95 degrees F.

Where i ate

Casa Malca: This place is a full experience and I suggest spending the day here, you can enjoy the beach, have lunch/dinner and go to the rooftop bar. I found my new favorite drink here ( French 75) and had the best time with my girls, so much fun we went back the next day to chill on the beach and have dinner. Everything I ate was delicious but my favorites were the fish tacos and margherita pizza.

Del-Cielo: I recommend this spot for breakfast and a mimosa, its a casual atmosphere and dining set up but you will enjoy the ambiance and service.

Posada Margahrita: Loved this location for the beach views and unique decor, I recommend any pasta dish and you can’t leave without trying the pistachio gelato ( I had it twice)

Getting Around

Cabs are easy to come by in Tulum and I would suggest sticking with the same driver if possible, most of them are happy to exchange numbers and schedule pick up and drop off times. Its’ a guaranteed fair for them and less stress for you! Biking is also big in Tulum, most hotels/resorts have bikes for use and they can be fun if you don’t mind the heat.

Well, that’t everything on my recent trip to Tulum, feel free to leave any questions below and I will do my best to answer them. Check out my YouTube video below on my vacation outfits, and as always thanks for stopping by, see ya!