The Ultimate Mykonos Travel Guide


Finally sharing my experience in Greece, let me just say it has been my favorite vacation to date. I hope this is a helpful guide to help you decide if Mykonos is the right location for your next trip! 



What to Expect in Mykonos


Language:Greek is the language of the island but don't worry most establishments have English speaking staff


Currency: Euros are the currency in Greece but debit and credit cards are accepted at most establishments. I would suggest keeping your Euros for taxis, and local shopping, the smaller shops prefer Euros and will often offer a discount. 


Climate: January through April the average temp is around 60 degrees F, May and June the temps are 70-80 degrees with steady wind. July and August  are the hottest months with the average temp being around 90 degrees. 


Peak Season: June- August are peak seasons for travel in Greece, I recommend going during the early summer months for the best experience and service. 



Where I stayed

I spent 6 days and 5 nights at the Nissaki Boutique Hotel  and it was everything I hoped it would be, from the breathtaking views to the amazing hotel staff. The location was about a 10 minute drive to downtown, and a 5 minute walk to the beach. I stayed in a junior suite, which included a king size bed, a double bed, seating area, and patio leading to the pool. The total cost came to a little under $3,000 for the week, and I know that may seem like a lot but the service and experience was well worth it. also keep in mind i booked this trip less than two months in advance so I was pleased to find this hotel at this rate.


Where i ate

  • Nissaki Boutique Hotel: Free breakfast and delicious room service, we had burgers one night and they were fantastic, we also had drinks at the hotel bar daily before heading out each night

  • Nice and Easy: I recommend the seafood SPAGHETTI, the baked salmon, and the chicken kabobs. located next to the windmills in little venice

  • Aglio E Olio: Perfect ambiance and great pasta and wine selections

  • Fabrica Food Mall: The best Gelato ever and crepes as big as the table, located in little venice

  • Alegro: Drinks and Views, located right on the water in little venice

  • Namos: the absolute best service and super romantic, great food and strong drinks!

  • jackie o's: gorgeous resort with a fine dining experience


Getting Around

I used taxis to get around which is an experience since there are no stop lights or speed limits in Mykonos. Taking a taxi to downtown was usually around 15 EUROs and walking from there is the norm since cars aren't allowed. getting to the other side of the island to visit paradise beach cost around 40 euros which is worth the cost if you spend the day there and make it a beach day. 


What i did in mykonos

  • Little Venice : most of my time was spent in little venice.  this is basically where everything happens, including night life, shopping, eating, and sightseeing.  its a huge downtown area that took 2 days to get through, and i don't think i saw everything. 

  • The Windmills: a landmark of mykonos, this was the prettiest place right on the water

  • Super Paradise Beach: spending a day at this beach was perfection, i had lunch, took a nap on the beach, swam in the ocean, and got a massage. BEAUTIFUL views and plenty of seating to relax with friends

  • Jackie O: This is located at paradise beach and has the perfect pool with delicious drinks and food


Well that's my recap of Mykonos, I hope this was helpful! Please leave any questions below and I will make sure to answer them, thanks for stopping by, see ya!

And of course I linked a few vacation looks below, enjoy