HOLY GRAIL APPS for Bloggers and Content Creators

Okay ladies now let’s get in formation………well app formation this is, lol!!!!! I am sharing my go to, must have apps as a content creator/influencer/blogger and all that jazz. These apps are the keys to my Instagram cohesivness and also essential to staying on top of my business and continuing to gain the knowledge necessary to elevate my brand. Some of these apps you may already have but I will share how I get the most out of each one. Some of you may know this but I use my phone for almost every aspect of my job so staying on top of the latest app is crucial for me. For reference my photos/videos are taken with either my iphone XMAX or a Canon T6i rebel with a Sigma 18-35mm lens, I edit all videos on my phone, and send most brand communication on my phone as well ( contracts, invoices, etc.) I have a basic Acer laptop that I use to write blog post and surf the net ( yeah I’m old, lol) but I prefer the convenience of my phone. I’m planning on upgrading my laptop for Christmas ( this will help with my future plans) but for now I’m using what I have to the best of my ability! Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk, now lets get into the apps:)


I use this app daily to organize my content but also to audit my consistency with content uploading. The calendar tool allows you to see each day of the month and how often you have uploaded to Instagram. I also use the analyze tool to check my weekly/monthly analytics of my page. You can see week over week results and your top posts, I use this to cross reference posts with top likes and top comments to gauge what my audience enjoys. Lastly this app is great for scheduling posts and feed cohesivness, check out a few examples below!



I use Canva for my YouTube and Pinterest content. This app ( they also have a desktop version) is pretty self explanatory but I create graphics to promote videos or blog posts on Pinterest, and I use this to create all of my YouTube thumbnails and my website headers. If you want more YouTube tips and tricks click HERE to watch my video on rapid YouTube growth!

Mojo/Story Art/ Unfold

These apps all do the same thing, create eye catching video or photo content ( I also use the Mojo and Canva app to create my YouTube intro below, I paid for the pro version to enable landscape videos). I will share a few examples of the apps but my #1 tip is to focus on quality photos and video, work on your editing skills because these apps are only as good as the content you put into them!


Now this app is BAE, its my secret weapon ( well it was my secret weapon,lol) to editing all of my YouTube videos and any in feed video content you see on my Instagram page. Below are a few features I love about this app and check out a brand video I made using Inshot!

  1. Music options

  2. Filters/effects for video

  3. text overlay


I will keep this one short and sweet, YouTube is a tool not just entertainment. Anything you want to learn someone has made a step by step video on and it’s just waiting for you to search for it. YouTube is the most under utilized tool so before you DM someone or reach out regarding blogging, content creating, camera equipment, lighting set up, etc type your question into YouTube and see what you find! Here is a little list of all of the things I’ve learned from YouTube:

  • YouTube EVERYTHING: making a thumbnail, best lens to buy, how to monetize my videos, affordable microphone to use

  • Business Knowledge: how to optimize content, how to re-purpose content, how to grow on social media, how to make a website

  • Photo/video Info: how to use a drone, shooting in sunlight, film making, how to edit photo and video content


I use these three apps to edit almost every photo I take depending on the lighting, etc.and I already have a blog post on them, click HERE to check that out, but I have listed below a few changes I’ve made to my editing style since writing that post.

  • VSCO: I use a variation of the filters AL3, A6, and AL5 depending on the photo, I also use the HSL function to tone down the greens and blues in my photos. Lastly, I turn down the exposure for a more moody effect.

  • Facetune: After adding a filter I go into facetune and paint my skin to bring back the color, now that I am using different filters I have to paint my skin darker but depending on the filter you use you may need to paint your skin lighter. This paint feature is really helpful for darker skin when you want to use a filter.

  • Snapseed: I use the portrait tool to brighten my face and make it the focus,I also turn up the ambiance for a brighter feel.

Okay, before I go I want to share a few honorable mentions, these are apps that are crucial for me but may not be for everyone.

  1. Youtube Studios: YouTube analytics on the go, quick comment replies, access to description box and editing capabilities

  2. Quickbooks: Invoice creation and follow up, this has really helped me stay on top of brand payments

  3. Iscanner: create PDFs from your phone, this helps me with contracts

Well I hope this was helpful, of course leave any questions in the comments and I will be sure to answer them. Also I’m thinking about doing a YouTube video showing how I edit photos, let me know if you want to see that below. Thanks for stopping bye, See Ya!!!!

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