My Nighttime Routine: Get Un-Ready With Me

Finally spilling the tea on my nighttime routine and how I maximize my beauty sleep. I know it can be hard to stick to a regime but I find that consistently setting aside time for self care and routines sets the tone for the following day.  Below I am sharing my 5 essentials to getting the best rest to ensure I am my best self each day. This post is sponsored by my friends at OLLY.


My Essentials

OLLY Beauty Sleep Gummies: This is the newest addition to my night routine, I have been taking the sleep gummies for almost 2 weeks now and they have seriously changed the game for me. I have always been a night owl and my mind races at night, so much so that I have to keep my notepad on my nightstand to write ideas down in the middle of the night. So when I heard about the sleep gummies I was intrigued and decided to test them out. Let’s just say they will never leave my routine, ever! I take 2 each night 30 minutes before I want to fall asleep, which is the perfect amount of time to finish the rest of my routine and get into bed. When I describe the gummies to someone I say it’s like a calm washes over you (dramatic but true, lol) and you fall asleep. The best part is that you wake up feeling refreshed. There is no hazy feeling like you’ve slept too much or the feeling of being knocked out with a sleep aid. The sleep gummies are a family affair now because bae-tographer (my fiance for those who are new) has added them to his routine too! An added bonus of the beauty sleep gummies has also been the skincare benefits, my always dehydrated skin has felt more plump and hydrated each morning which is definitely a win for me! The Beauty Sleep Gummies help set my skin up for success and give my skin care a better chance to do its job.

Nightly Skincare Routine: I keep it pretty simple at night and focus on cleansing and moisturizing. The only change in the products used here would be if I were treating a breakout. I start with my cleanser, I’m currently using the Mamonde Rose Oil Cleanser and my mini Foreo. I follow that up with my Pixi Glow Tonic Toner, followed by Kiehl’s Dark Spot Corrector and lastly the Sunday Riley Luna Night Oil.

Satin PJs: This essential is all about self care and relaxation. I love sleeping in satin pajamas, it’s the ultimate luxurious feeling but it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. I get most of my PJs from Target. They have a variety of colors and prints and the quality is great. I try to add a new set to my collection each season, I will leave a few of my current favorites below!

Fresh Bedding: There is nothing like making your bed with a fresh set of sheets, I try to change my bedding twice per week and my pillow case 3 times per week. The most important bedding routine I have is ONLY sleeping on satin pillow cases. This is beneficial to not only your skincare routine but your hair care regimen. This helps retain moisture in your hair and skin which have always been struggles for me.

Brain Stimulation: My favorite thing to do as I fall asleep is listen to podcast on entrepreneurship or content creation. This helps me unwind and I truly believe the knowledge seeps into my brain as I sleep. I prefer that the words that I hear before falling asleep are motivational and inspirational. A few of my favorites include: The Sunny Show by Sunny Lenarduzzi, The MJ Show by Mattie James, and Entrepreneurs on Fire.


Well that’s my routine! I hope it was helpful and you can take something away to add to your night-time routine. Below I am sharing where you can shop all of my favorites. Let me know if you try anything out and also let me know what your #1 night-time essential is or how you ensure your beauty sleep each night! As always, thanks for stopping by!