How to Edit Like a Pro: Must Have Apps for Bloggers

Today I am spilling the tea on my go-to editing apps, that’s right I am sharing the apps that I use on a daily basis to elevate my images and I’m going to share what I love about each app and their best features. People always ask me what camera I use to get great pictures, but I’ve realized the camera equipment is half the battle and the other half is learning how to edit images to ensure your content shines as bright as it should! I am listing the apps in the order that I generally use them, let me know in the comments below what was most helpful in this post and if there are any apps that you think I should try!



  • Filters: I think that facetune has the best filters that give a more natural look, they can be adjusted to fit your needs. I use FG2 on most of my pictures.

  • Paint Feature: I use this feature to add color back to my skin after using a filter, that is usually a huge problem for darker skin bloggers when you use a filter that someone suggest it doesn’t work for your skin tone, this has helped solve that problem for me.

  • Retouch: I use this to whiten walls or anything that is coming out too yellow, I also like this feature for the detail tool to showcase a print on my shirt or handbag details.

  • Patch: I use to take away anything that I don’t want in a photo, you can remove a spot on your face, the wall, or an entire person, lol.



  • Details: This feature is listed under tools, and I will usually increase the sharpness and structure of my photos. Gives it a high quality feel!

  • Selective: This is great if you don’t want to change the entire photo but maybe there is a shadow on your face or a dark corner, you can select part of the photo and change whats needed.

  • Perspective: I don’t use this feature that much but its nice if you want to center a photo or if you want to elongate the image.



  • This app can do everything the other apps can do BUT it can edit video! I use this app for my How to Style Videos, and my youtube videos. You can put filters on your video, change the lighting, make the video sharper, add more contrast, the possibilities are endless. This is a major key in giving your video content a high quality look!

Last but not least I do have one honorable mention, this app does not edit your content but it does ensure that once its created it blends seamlessly into your feed. Its the Planoly app, which I use to plan out my content, making sure all of the colors/filters match and that I don’t have similar photos next to each other. I also love this app because you can check your analytics and see what content is performing best as well as how often you post ( great for accountability purposes). Check out a few examples below:)

Alright queens that’s all I’ve got, please let me know in the comments if this was helpful and any apps you suggest for content creators.

Thanks for stopping by, See ya!


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