Creating My Dream Bedroom on a Budget

Spring has sprung and I am all about refreshing my home and the room that needed the most love was my bedroom. When I moved into my current apartment I was so excited to decorate and somewhere along the way that excitement fizzled before I got to the master bedroom and its been in limbo ever since. So this month I set a goal to update my space and really create the ultimate relaxing enviroment that gave me a luxury feel but on a budget of course. 


Starting this process I focused on COMPILING the inspiration for my bedroom and making sure I had the exact vision for my end result. OBVIOUSLY the first place i went was  my pinterest account, I started searching hotel bedding and modern decor and narrowed it down from there. 




Once i had my inspiration i assessed what i could reuse and i made a list of what i needed to purchase to bring my vision to life. below are the purchases i made that were key to my bedroom update.

1. Mandarin Queen upholstered bed 

2. Harlow mirrored dresser

3. hotel collection bedding


I was able to reuse my night stands, lamps, mattress, curtains, and most of the decor accessories from the previous bedroom set up so that helped me save a lot. In total i spent around $2,000 on the entire room update.


adding finishing touches to the bedroom was key to bringing my vision to life, i focused on elegant PIECES that added texture and interest while maintaining the bright and airy feeling. I also wanted to be practical and solve some of the problems we had with keeping our space organized. the little white box on my fiance's nightstand below is not just for decoration but it houses our remotes as well ( all 20 million,lol). 


I focused on de-cluttering both nightstands and only have things we needed and storing EVERYTHING else in the drawers. to complete our room i wanted to add wall decor and my inspiration was a hotel vibe, I wanted something that was elegant but could blend seamlessly into the room. I found the rose wall art and the wooden mirrors above the nightstands. in my opinion the wall art really elevated the room and added a chic factor. my goal was LUXURIOUS but also cozy and i think we landed right in the middle! 


that's it loves, i hope this was helpful and answered all of your questions on my bedroom update! below i have added links to some similar items that you may like. Please like and share if you enjoyed this post and leave me a comment below letting me know your thoughts on my bedroom makeover and what you want to see next on the blog.

Thanks for stopping by, see ya!