2019 Luxury Wishlist

Its that time again, sharing my luxury wishlist for the new year. I love making a list each year because it helps me stay focused on what I truly want and make less impulse purchases. I love creating a wishlist each year because it helps to keep me on track when making a large purchase. Its easy to get excited when you find a good deal or see a new luxury item that was just released, I always refer back to my wishlist and ask myself if I want this new item more than the items on my list, and if so why didn’t I put it on my list to begin with. Now this doesn’t meant I wont treat myself here and there throughout the year or that I will buy everything on this list, but it is a helpful guide in my decision making.



Fendi Peekaboo

This bag is a carryover from 2018, I am still obsessed with it but waiting to find a deal. It is almost $4000 brand new, I am hoping to find one under $2000 on the resale market. I am also very particular with the style of peekaboo I want. Size small with whipstiching, shown here.



Celine Box Bag

This will probably be my first luxury purchase of 2019. I don’t have anything like this and it will definitely fill a void in my wardrobe. I need a classic bag that can cross-body but also be worn on the shoulder. This bag is super versatile and can be dressed up or down which I love. Still debating between the color linen, black or taupe.



Hermes Oran Sandals

I have loved these sandals for a long time but I’ve hesitated because I can’t wear them year round. BUT I think they are so classic and go with everything, not sure on the color but I will keep you posted!



Gucci Princetown Loafers

If you are thinking of a luxury purchase and you want something high quality that will last years to come, grab a pair of these . This is my favorite shoe and for summer I really want the pale pink color.



Gucci Acetate Sunglasses

Over-sized sunnies look best on me and these are so classic but also really chic. Love the tortoise shade and I definitely plan on purchasing these before the summer.



Vintage Chanel Flap

Specifically in the medium size in red with gold hardware. This is one of my holy grail bags and I am on hunt for one on the pre-loved market.



Louis Vuitton Archlights

Now that I am officially obsessed with these shoes I think I am ready to purchase another pair. Really hoping to find a pair with neon trim either yellow or pink.



Balenciaga Sweater

I don’t typically splurge on RTW pieces but this sweater is really classic and I can wear it year round. Cool nights in the summer or when traveling.



Manolo Blahnik Lurum

These beauties have stolen my heart, I’m not sure the color but I already have a million ideas on how I will style them!



Well that’s my wishlist, I hope you enjoyed taking a peak inside the goodies I’m lusting over this year. Be sure to leave a comment below letting me know what’s on your wishlist for 2019!

Check out my post from 2018 to see what made it off of the wishlist and into my closet!!!


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