Plan Your Outfits Like a Pro!

So if you follow me on Instagram you would be familiar with my weekly rack-shot photo, if not then let me explain. Every Sunday I plan my outfits for the week on a rolling rack that I keep in my closet. I always get a ton of question on the hows, and whys behind outfit planning so today I'm going to break it down for you!


Step One: When I begin a rack-shot I ALWAYS take into consideration what my week looks like, any events, meeting, dinner plans or girls nights. I also check the weather for the week ahead so that I can plan my outfits appropriately. 


step two: next I pull any recent purchases that I am excited to wear, whether it shoes, tops, or bottoms. Then i find my inspiration for the week. This is super important because it sets the tone for my look and all of my outfits flow from there. I love going to my pinterest page or my instagram saved images to find new ideas, style inspo, or even a color pallet. if i try to plan outfits without an idea or starting point for inspiration it USUALLY takes me longer or ends up being a frustrated fail. 


Step three: I like to make sure I have a good balance of casual and dressy looks, depending on the week ahead. i also try to push myself out of my comfort zone, i could wear jeans every day but i try to mix it up with skirts, dress pants, dresses, etc. the key for me is to have outfits ready for whats coming up that week but also any last minute invites that come my way. also by doing this i can still dress for how i feel each day which is really important to me, if i wake up feeling bloated and need to wear high waist jeans i want that option or if its a really pretty day and i want to wear a dress i will usually have that option too!


step four: time to ACCESSORIZE, as you can see in the pictures in this post i like to lay out my accessory options for each look. i will USUALLY hang a few bags for each look on my rack along with shoes and any hats or jewelry that completes an outfit.  


well that's pretty much it on my weekly rack-shots. i hope this was helpful and INSPIRES you to plan your wardrobe in advance and save yourself some stress during your work week. also remember these are just options, some weeks i wear every outfit and some weeks i wear one but at least i was prepared. and for the weeks that i don't wear everything i just move those outfits to next week. feel free to leave any questions below and thanks for stopping by, see ya!


p.s I make the instagram photos visually appealing by using the same color hanger, keeping my looks in the same color pallet, and balancing the color in the photo( in the photo below i have the reds separated and the black pieces on opposite ends to give the photo a pop! 


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