How to Style: Spring Trends 2018

Spring is around the corner (hopefully,lol) and I want to show you how I style my favorite spring trends. There are a lot of trends to choose from and some are a bit out there but I'm going to show you how I integrate my favorites into my wardrobe without loosing my personal style. 

Trend #1 Menswear and  Suiting: This is DEFINITELY my favorite trend, and what i love is that you can get the look at high end and low end retailers. the key is looking for structure and quality materials. one of my favorite tips to elevate inexpensive suits is to add shoulder pads and change out the buttons. amazon has great options and they instantly make your look more high end!


Trend #2 Mixing Prints: The key to print mixing is to keep the base color the same in both prints or the color pallet the same in both prints. in my look i have navy, white, and orange in both my shirt and my blazer which keep my look cohesive!


Trend #3 Color clashing/ Pink and Red: this trend is instant chic and the color combo is so unexpected which makes it more amazing.i prefer this color pallet in silky fabrics to add a little bit of sex appeal to a simple outfit. 


Trend # 4 Fringe: this trend always comes in and out of fashion but this season its all about wearing it in unexpected ways. you can try this trend dressed up or down but its all about taking the western out of this trend and injecting the chic!


Trend #5 All white everything: this is an easy one, the key here is to keep your whites crisp and the look simple. I find that this look is worth spending a bit more on since they are separates that you can mix and match with other things. 


trend #6 Stripes: this trend has so many options and they come in all shapes and sizes. i prefer VERTICAL stripes to elongate since i'm a shorty, and I like this trend in more sporty and over-sized looks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

That's my round up of my favorite spring trends! I hope this helps you try out some fun new trends for spring without loosing your personal style. I have linked a few of my favorites below, make sure you tag me if you try any of my favorites, I love seeing your OOTD's. Thanks for stopping by loves, see ya!

If you made it to the end I have a little bonus for you. Below are a few spring trends I have my eye on but HAVEN'T tested out yet.

transparent accessories   -   lilac   -   satin   -   edgy florals