How to Stay Stylish in Cold Weather


Winter is coming………..sike it’s already here and I am sharing my three tips to keep you chic and warm all winter long. If you are anything like me you are having a hard time putting the LOOKS together when it’s freezing temps and still dark when you leave your house in the morning. Below are my tricks to putting in minimal effort and getting maximum style!



Tip #1 statement coat

Wearing a bold coat is great way to stand out and exude style! Whether you are out on the weekend or commuting to work most people won’t see your outfit, so a bold coat is a great way to show your personality and style. When choosing your coat keep in mind cut and fabric, that will make a huge difference in chic factor. This season is all about the teddy coat, corduroy, and snakeskin; giving any of those fabrics a try will instantly elevate a simple outfit. Also keep an eye for trend led pieces like the drop shoulder, which gives an over-sized feel, and the exaggerated shawl collar which gives a fun twist to a classic coat.


Tip #2 Accesorize

Fall/Winter is the best season for accessories hands down and now is the time to start building your collection. Similar to the statement coat you can make a huge impact to your look with a few key accessories. I love a good wide brim hat, over-sized scarf, and a pair of fun gloves. You can also jazz up a simple coat by belting it or throwing a fur stole over it, take a look at some of my favorite inspo below.


Tip #3 Fancy Footwork

Winter calls for practical shoes that will keep you warm and get you through the snow, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make a statement too! There are so many options but my personal favorites are a chunky sneaker, a combat boot in a fun color, a cowboy boot, and anything that is over the knee ( you are basically wearing pants, lol).


Well those are my tips, I hope they help you get through the winter as fabulous as possible! Let me know in the comments some of your favorite winter style tips. And because sharing is caring I left a few links below of the most stylish winter essentials

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